graypes is online



graypes is online

graypes going online on Beta-1 Release

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November, 2019
11:00 AM GMT

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 Baarerstrasse 25
 6300 Zug


graypes, democratizing innovation, is getting online!

On November 2019, graypes is going live on the Beta-1 Release.

Every NEW, is by definition an act of Revolution since it challenges the current status quo. graypes is a New platform connecting innovators, business experts, and investors in a uniquely collaborative way, at scale.

graypes enables, for the first time, any human on this planet to pursue his innovative dream, turn his idea into reality and create a better world.

graypes going online on Beta-1 Release

graypes will be operating for the next two months in Beta-1 Release, inviting early adopters to help us together to identify any malfunctions, to improve our quality and to adapt our services to your real needs.

Beta-1 has a few testing and debugging mechanisms that might reduce the speed of the service for the purpose of monitoring. For example, our SEARCH service will display some redundant information along with ranking numbers, recording useful information for the improvement of the underlying algorithms.

graypes consists of a dozen proprietary created web services facilitating your requests at any given time. The core engines of graypes execute more than 25 proprietary algorithms, from the simple ones identifying your gender from your name, or displaying your avatar from your business role, up to more complex using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to evaluate the market size of a business proposal.

We are excited and proud of the care and engineering we added creating graypes.

We know that we still have a long way to improve. And we know that the more reliable way to improve is by working hard, testing and valuing your feedback.

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