JUL 14


graypes Evangelizing Event

Stk Petri Hotel, Krystalgade 22,

1172 Copenhagen, Denmark

Date and time:

Tue, July 14, 2020
17:00 ā€“ 19:00 CET


Stk Petri Hotel
Krystalgade 22
1172 Copenhagen

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Evangelizing graypes in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the majestic capital of Denmark, is well known for the entrepreneurial ecosystem along with the innovative culture.

graypes, democratize innovation!

graypes is the global platform bringing together innovators, consultants, and investor, at scale.

We consider Copenhagen one of the top cities in the world combining with seamless harmony an innovative ecosystem along with unlimited investing opportunities and young mindsets.

Consequently, we will evangelize the benefits of our platform and the new opportunities for innovators, consultants, and investors.

Meeting a targeted and small group of alternative thinkers in Copenhagen is the first seed for a long-lasting and successful presence in the challenging Dane ecosystem.

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