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Fast Track to Investment

3 Weeks funding program

for growing businesses.


Thu, July 1, 2021



Product Info

Introducing Fast Track to Investment
for growing businesses!

Updated News

We are excited to announce our new funding program, providing in just 3 weeks, capital to growing businesses.


Partnering with the largest financial groups in Asia, we introduce this funding program that targets businesses from around the globe with the following winning status:

3 Million USD in ARR
30% annual growth
12 months minimum sales history
Funding history

We support INFO-Tech companies with an emphasis on SaaS or e-commerce, providing a minimum ticket of 2 Million USD.

1-Day for Evaluation
2-Days for Negotiation
3-Weeks for Funding

Welcome to the fastest way to get growth capital for your business!

You can now register for free at Graypes GmbH and enjoy the benefits of our unique funding solution.

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