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Graypes and Talk2Much

Strategic Partnership



Wed, July 21, 2021



Press Release

Introducing a new partnership
talk2much.eu and graypes.com

Updated News

talk2much S.L. and Graypes GmbH are pleased to announce they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining Graype’s industry-leading innovation assessment services with talk2much’s experience in European Union projects, investment funds, business advisory, and in building economies of scale.


Are you a startup, SME, or Green Business? talk2much S.L. and Graypes GmbH provide combined services so you get funded from alternative European Union initiatives like:

Innovation Fund
Horizon Europe

Within a fast changing world, cooperation at scale is our best option in order to drive innovation and human ingenuity for global solutions that create growth, and human prosperity. The Talk2Much-Graypes partnership creates a global, trustworthy investment organization with the vision to provide strategic capital on talented teams that create value through innovation for a better world.

“Expanding our strategic global relationship with Graypes enables talk2much to fully leverage our investment portfolio with Graypes leading business rating technology and assessment mechanisms,” said Irene Larroy, Co-founder and CEO of talk2much. “Graypes can accelerate our funding and business development strategy towards new markets and emerging technologies. Together, talk2much and Graypes can build a successful and profitable investment model based on excellence and global cooperation.”

“There is an enormous opportunity for our customers and entrepreneurs to benefit from our Investing initiative co-developed with talk2much. This initiative will provide capital to businesses and business proposals, with the fastest overall time of assessment and funding”, said Federico Carrasco, founder and CEO of Graypes. “Entrepreneurs into our network benefit from accessing funds from the european Union, the world’s largest funding organization. Irene and I share the values of innovation and global collaboration in order to create sustainable growth and prosperity for every human.”

Welcome to the fastest way to get growth capital for your business!

You can now register for free at Graypes GmbH and enjoy the benefits of our unique funding solution.

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