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Wed, September 29, 2021



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NRG Ventures and Graypes GmbH are pleased to announce they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining Graype’s industry-leading innovation assessment services with NRG’s experience in seed investment funds on global undervalued tech startups founded by Eastern European immigrants.


Are you a tech startup founder from Eastern Europe with the potential to build a global business? NRG Ventures and Graypes GmbH provide combined services so you get funded as you can read below:

Innovation Fund

Are you a global Investor looking for the next Google or WhatsApp? NRG Ventures and Graypes GmbH build a $100MM fund as you can read below:

Call for Investors

Within a fast-changing world, cooperation at scale is our best option in order to drive innovation and human ingenuity for global solutions that create economic growth, and human prosperity. The NRG-Graypes partnership creates a unique, global, trustworthy investment organization with the vision to invest strategic capital in talented immigrants from Eastern Europe and helping them to build global businesses.

“Expanding our strategic global relationship with Graypes enables NRG Ventures to fully leverage our investment portfolio with Graypes leading business rating technology and assessment mechanisms,” said Roman Tyan, founder, and Managing partner of NRG Ventures. “Graypes can accelerate our funding and business development strategy on creating a global $100MM fund, towards new markets and emerging technologies. Together we can build a successful and profitable investment model so NRG Ventures becomes The Russian Y Combinator.”

“There is an enormous opportunity for both our investors’ network and entrepreneurs to benefit from our initiative co-developed with NRG Ventures. Investors will have the opportunity to be part of our seed fund and expect in 3 years a 10x ROI”, said Federico Carrasco, founder, and CEO of Graypes. “Entrepreneurs into our network descending from Eastern Europe benefit from accessing NRG (New Russian Generation) Ventures funds and proactive support. Roman Tyan and I, share the values of innovation and global collaboration in order to create sustainable growth and prosperity for every human.”

Join us and participate in the formation of the next Google or WhatsApp!

You can now register for free at Graypes GmbH and enjoy the benefits of our unique funding solution.

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