what is graypes

graypes is a novel platform connecting innovators, business experts, and investors in a uniquely collaborative way, at scale.

graypes acts as the global innovation epicenter for evaluating ideas, funding businesses, networking entrepreneurs, aggregating news and mentoring innovators.

graypes exists in order to enable any human in this planet to pursue his innovative dream, turn his idea into reality and create a better world

why named "graypes"

graypes brings to everyone the power of innovation and the freedom to dream! It's about an online platform bringing together innovators, consultants and investors.

graypes, although unrelated with the grapes agriculture or the winery production, it is a name closely related to the spiritual freedom that wine, produced by grapes, provides to the mind.

This spiritual freedom accompanied by the liberal communication taking place in the symposium of ideas is the foundation of the forthcoming new.

That methexis of unbounded ideas under the expressive freedom of the grapes products is the driving force of the innovation!

Provided that www.grapes.com domain is already occupied, www.graypes.com is a perfect alternative choise. graypes is phonetically similar to grapes and includes the beautiful caligraphy of the letter "y".

Moreover, the embedded "y", pronounced "why", is the core essence of science: always quest and challenge both the unknown and the status quo!

graypes: coupling unbounded freedom with the questing y, delivering innovation!

graypes: the global innovation epicenter

graypes provides to the global innovation community the next set of uniquely combined services:
  [1]. Funding using AI
  [2]. Networking
  [3]. Knowledge Engine
  [4]. News Aggregator
  [5]. Mentoring