Manifesto: "Democratize Innovation!"

Mantra, our declaration

Democratize Innovation!


Graypes GmbH is the Swiss company that uses algorithms and AI to rate businesses and uncovers potential investments. This way, Graypes drastically reduces the time and cost of business evaluation and funding. Around this core service, Graypes is building an open community of Innovators, Experts, and Investors that help Innovators and their top businesses on funding, mentoring, and B2B partnership.

Mission, why we exist

We want to enable any human on this planet to pursue his innovative dream, turn his idea into reality and create a better world.

Vision, what we want to become

The "de facto" reference, the industry standard, on rating business innovation.

Strategy, how we plan our business journey

Organizing the global information on innovation, the world’s funding sources and the best mentoring, making them all universally accessible and creative.

Business Model, how we approach our clients

As a global SaaS (Software as a Service) providing unique breakthrough services.

Elevator Pitch

Real Opportunity
Graypes provides solutions to the next main problems:
 1. Innovators have not easy access to funds.
 2. Fundraising is a time-consuming process with uncertain results.
 3. Entrepreneurs invest time and capital, without a pragmatic and quantitative assessment if their business venture is realistic, fundable, innovative, profitable.
 4. Investors spend more than 95% of their time on incompetent business proposals.

Solution and Innovation
Graypes provide:
 1. Rating of businesses using proprietary AI toolset.
 2. Quantifying needs of Businesses and Teams, using proprietary Algorithms.
 3. Connecting Businesses and Teams with Investors and Experts into an Open Network.
 4. Funding top-rated Businesses and Teams in less than 3 months!

Value Proposition
A. For Investors
  Outsourcing due diligence and evaluation for your in-house projects.
  40x Minimizing Risk of Investment (from 97.5% to 2.5%).
  20x Reduction of Cost for assessment.
  10x time savings on evaluation work (from weeks to hours).
B. For Innovators
  1 - day for idea evaluation.
  2 - weeks for strategy and business plan creation.
  3 - months of initial funding.

Market Description
Graypes targets the global multi-Trillions market of funds segmented to:
 1. Private.
 2. Corporate.
 3. Public.

Graypes addresses the global business innovation community, partitioned to:
 1. Innovators.
 2. Entrepreneurs.
 3. Researchers.
 4. Investors.
 5. Experts.

Read here details on how Graypes works.


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