graypes Manifesto

Last modified: July 14, 2018


Democratize Innovation !


Why we exist: we want to enable any human in this planet to pursue his innovative dream, turn his idea into reality and create a better world


What we want to become: the “de facto” reference, the global epicenter and source of information, funding and mentoring of any innovative idea!


What is our path and journey: by organizing the global information on innovation, the world’s funding sources and the best mentoring, making them all universally accessible and creative

Business Model

How we join with our clients: as a global SaaS (Software as a Service) providing unique breakthrough services.

Elevator Pitch

What is our business summary and short pitch; as described in the following paragraphs:

Real Opportunity
Graypes is a set of tools that provide solutions to the next main problems:
 [1]. Innovators have not easy access to funds.
 [2]. Fundraising is a time-consuming process with uncertain results.
 [3]. Entrepreneurs start and invest in their idea, without a reliable assessment if this idea is realistic, fundable, innovative, sellable, profitable.

Solution and Innovation
Graypes main services include:
 [1]. Rating of business ideas using proprietary AI toolset.
 [2]. Identification of the Needs and Problems of Ideas and Teams, using proprietary Quantitative Methodology.
 [3]. Connection of top ideas and Teams with Investors and Experts into an Open Network.
 [4]. Funding for top-rated Ideas and Teams in less than 3 months!

Value Proposition
 [1]. Reduces more than 20 times the cost and time of business idea evaluation.
 [2]. Reduces more than 10 times the fundraising time and cost.
 [3]. Envisions the creation of the biggest network of Innovators, Investors, and Experts.

Market Description
Graypes targets the global multi-Trillions market of funds partitioned to:
 [1]. Private.
 [2]. Corporate.
 [3]. Public.

Graypes addresses the global innovation community users, partitioned to:
 [1]. Innovators.
 [2]. Entrepreneurs.
 [3]. Researchers.
 [4]. Investors.
 [5]. Experts, Consultants.